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The town of Greta started as a small community around Anvil Creek in the 1830's and prior to the arrival of Europeans the area was occupied by the Wanaruah First Nations people. The town was surveyed and named Greta in 1842 after a small river in Cumberland England.

Coal mining was established in the area in 1862 with the development of a railway station. Kerosene shale was discovered in 1864 and by the 1870's, Greta had four hotels, four churches, a school and a school of arts buildings in the town. In 1886 Geologist Edgeworth David discovered the Greta coal seam and by 1910, ten collieries were in operation.

In 1939 an Army Training Camp was established, compromising of 2,930 acres of land and used as a training ground for the 6th Division of the 2AIF, World War 2 solider training for 60,000 troops. After World War 2 the town's population grew as it became a migrant camp for European refugees, with over 100,000 migrants passing through the camp during the eleven years of operation. The land was sold at auction and there is nothing left of a place where over 160,000 soldiers and migrants lived.

The Greta Courthouse was built in 1890 and is one of the town's most dominant buildings, built from red bricks with arched windows, a slate gambrel roof and upper windows to let light into the court room. The courthouse has an arcaded veranda on three sides and a pediment over the entry.

In the side street is a bronze plaque for the 36 local men killed in the local collieries from 1874 to 1964, and one man, Norman Brown, shot by police during the Rothbury Riot of 1929, where another 45 miners were also injured by police.

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