Old Scone Lockup and Courthouse Theatre

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Dark Tours!
Interactive History and Ghost Tour!

Come along and experience 2 unique locations that sit directly next to each other in the historical town of Scone!

Make your way through the Old Scone Lockup and Old Courthouse Theatre and discover the history and stories from the past and get interactive with a wide range of paranormal devices!

The Old Scone Lockup is the second lockup after the Scone's first lockup was flooded in the 1850's which was located on the corner opposite the Scone's second lockup building. During the 1850's floods the constable pushed his only table into the cell for his prisoner to stand on as the water rose, while he hurried off to find someone in authority that could answer his question! Do I let him out, or let him drown?

The Old Scone Lockup contains a second ceiling lying crossways above the first to form a double ceiling very difficult to break through! Discover the cells and prisoners yard with high walls of plastered brick topped with jaggered glass to prevent escape!

A murder has also occurred here!

Next door at the Old Courthouse Theatre houses the first Scone Courthouse built in 1849 situated at the rear of the building. Designed and constructed by Mortimer Lewis from hand made bricks with a gabled roof and a small wingto the rear!

In 1882 a new courthouse was built directly in front of the old building and is a rendered brick building on a sandstone base with also a gabled roof and verandah!

After the buildings use as a courthouse it was also used to store pesticides for the prickly pear authority! It then became the headquarters of the Amateur Dramatic Society! There are many wonderful stores, cafes and restaurants in Scone which are also housed in some of Scone's historical buildings!







  • History and Ghost tour
  • 14 + years
  • Sorry there is only wheelchair access at the Courthouse Theatre 
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